Drone Windfarm turbine inspection:

Using a Drone for windfarm turbine inspections offers many advantages over traditional methods, it is quicker, safer and cheaper than using a rope access team. Using Remote Robotics Drone inspection services will ensure that your downtime is decreased due to shorter inspection periods, workers will not have to be endangered by working at height, and the weather limits are within the same range that elevated access platforms and rope access teams work within. Damage and defects are reported immediately to the Client on site and a more detailed analysis carried out after the site visit. Reports will then be submitted to the client for remedial action.


Aerial Building Surveys:

Using our Drone for Aerial Building surveys eliminates the risk to personnel working at height, it is cost effective, and scaffolding & access platforms are not required. Live footage is available during the Survey, and recorded 4k video and photographs supplied to the client after the site visit.

Some of the areas we can survey for you include;
Roofs, Solar panels, Chimneys, Towers and complete buildings.



Eliminate the requirement for manned aircraft survey and reduce costs significantly by using Remote Robotics for your Hydro electric installation Aerial surveys. We provide live footage on site. Recorded 4k video and photographs are supplied to the client as required after the site visit.

Click below to read about Remote Robotics Hydro electric underwater ROV inspection services


Bridges & Structures:

Hire Remote Robotics for your Bridge inspection and we will provide you with 4k video and photographs to assist you in planning any required remedial works due to storm damage, impact damage or general defects.


Construction Sites:

We can provide Construction Project Aerial Photography and Video to record the progress of your Construction project, assisting with project planning, monitoring and marketing.


Overhead Power Lines:

Remote Robotics provide Pylon and overhead power line surveys for the energy sector, producing UHD 4k footage to enable the inspection engineer to assess the condition of infrastructure, locate corrosion points, insulator pollution build up and damage.

Using our services is cost effective, it eliminates the risks involved with personnel working at height, and the inspection time is reduced when compared to traditional methods.



Real Estate Video and still Aerial Photography:

Boost your sales and delight your clients with our Estate Agents Aerial video and photography service. Place yourself above the competition with unique and stunning views of your properties.

Aerial photography provides a greater impact on prospective buyers and has the added benefit of showing the seller that you are putting in the effort and going the extra mile to sell their property.


Marketing and PR:

Hire Remote Robotics and utilize our Drone technology to boost your marketing and PR projects. With high resolution Aerial photography and UHD 4k video, we can enable you to blow the competition out of the water.

We can provide high resolution Aerial photography and UHD 4k video of Sporting Events, Motor sports, stadiums, Golf Courses, indoor & Outdoor Events, Areas of outstanding beauty, Castles, Hotels, Estates. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Film, Commercial, Television and broadcast:

Our state of the art DJI Inspire 2 Drone records in UHD 4k video, enabling us to capture stunning cinematic footage for your production.

We have the capability to live broadcast from our systems dedicated 1080i50 and 720p60 transmission signal. Aerial live-streaming direct to TV is easily achieved by connecting our remote controller to the satellite truck.